Past Projects

Feel the freedom of the water is an Erasmus + funded project

It involves 7 partners from 5 European Countries which are Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Ireland and Slovenia. The project partners will establish a sport inclusion environment of disabled people as an equal opportunity for all.

The main objective of the project is to provide recreational and sports activities for people with disabilities to improve their physical activity and reduce the possibility of subsequent chronic disease. With the sport programs, the project will increase the physical activity of people with disabilities and it will specifically focus on older people with disabilities, who are most at risk.

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eDIGIREGION is an FP7 funded project involving 15 partners from 4 European regions.

These are: South East Ireland, Ireland, Castilla-la-Mancha, Spain, Central Hungary, Hungary and Bucharest-Ilfov, Romania and involving triple helix partners in each region. It is a 36 month project which commenced in April 2014 funded as part of the EU’s Regions of Knowledge Programme: Specifically, ‘Transnational cooperation between regional research-driven clusters.

The main objectives of the projects are: to enhance innovation and sustainable competitiveness of regions by exploiting their regional strengths and smart specialisation in order to realise the RTD (research and technological development) and Innovation aspects of the EU Digital Agenda

Furthering Innovation Entrepreneurial Regions of Europe

The FIERE (Furthering Innovation Entrepreneurial Regions of Europe) project aimed to enhance entrepreneurial and innovative skills in public and voluntary organisations within Europe’s regions. The FIERE project funded under the EU “GRUNDTVIG” Lifelong Learning Programme recognises that regional organisation employees who work in the public and voluntary sectors can behave both entrepreneurial and innovatively and support the economic and social development of their regions.

The FIERE project aimed to enhance the capability and potential of entrepreneurial behaviour for public and voluntary sector employees through the application of a purposefully designed programme. This programme will help to develop and strengthen identified skills required by public and voluntary sector employees to behave more entrepreneurial within their workplace.

KTForce is a project supported by the INTERREG IV C

It is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It involved, at its core, the benchmarking and investigation of best practices in knowledge transfer policies and practices at regional level. Its ultimate goal is to improve Europe’s innovation environment.

The project focuses on three components within Knowledge Transfer (KT) and seeks to assess and benchmark these within an innovation and regional development context. KTForce looks at how university-industry relations can be enhanced, how technology licensing can be improved and the identification of the optimum conditions for creating spin-outs and increasing entrepreneurial activity. KTForce is a project supported by the INTERREG IVC Capitalisation Programme, under the 4th call for proposals, and co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

The aim of the INTERREG IVC programme is to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies in the area of innovation and the knowledge economy. This is achieved through exchange, sharing and transfer of policy experience, knowledge and good practices between European regional and local authorities.

Creating a Research and Technology Development (RTD) Investment Policy for Regions in Emerging and Developed Economies

Creating an RTD Investment Policy for Regions in Emerging and Developed Economies (CRIPREDE) was focused on developing a flexible, interactive model for regional development. The project involved a group of researchers from six different countries across the EU 25 (Ireland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, and Slovenia) who collaborated on an EU, FP6 funded project, within the Regions of Knowledge programme.

One of the sustainable legacies from the CRIPREDE project was the creation and development of the Spirit of Enterprise Forum in South East Ireland, a forum involving all of the region’s key stakeholders in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Sustainable Learning Networks Ireland and Wales

The Sustainable Learning Network in Ireland and Wales project was an INTERREG 4A funded project for entrepreneurs and owner/managers of Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in South East Ireland and West Wales. The project aims to increase the skill sets of these entrepreneurs by facilitating knowledge transfer between participants within the network.

The primary goal of the project is to increase the competitiveness, creativity and innovation capacities and capabilities of SMEs and micro-enterprises in South East Ireland and West Wales through innovative and creative processes. This goal will be achieved through creating and developing learning networks in South East Ireland and West Wales. The SLNIW project therefore is unique and innovative in that it focuses on assisting members of these networks identify and analyse training needs for themselves, their enterprises and staff.

This project is equally unique in that it proposes to teach network members how to direct their own learning and teaching methods to achieve business growth, expansion and long term sustainability through innovation, and innovative processes. The SLNIW project presents a new process and paradigm to transfer knowledge between knowledge experts and SMEs/micro-enterprises.